Group 5 – HALO 1

Team Members

Krusha Patel, Jiyansh Agarwal, Esha Shah, Kaleb Combs, Niraj Patel, Nicholas Zibelli, Marisa Nelson, Russell Scott


The mission is to design a 12 U cube satellite that can image the Leibnitz Beta Plateau on the southern pole of the moon within 14 days from launch so that the Orion moon lander has accurate geographical data to land. The images must have 0.1-meter resolution. The High Accuracy Low Orbit Imager (HALOI) CubeSat was designed to do just that. HALOI uses a HyperScape100camera that is capable of achieving the 0.1 meter resolution at an altitude of 10 kilometers. HALOI will launch with Artemis III and be expelled from the SLS towards a polar lunar orbit, entering the orbit from the northern lunar pole at an altitude of 50km where it will accomplish an 808 m/s burn to circularize its orbit to image the potential landing site. It is predicted that HALOI will need 81m/s more to maintain its orbit for the following 6 days and an additional5m/s to deorbit into the crash site. The satellite will have a wet mass of 24.87kg, with 9.1 kg being propellant. HALOI will be able to image and transmit the images of the site in 8 to 10 passes (approximately 1 day). This leaves5 more days to take images of the other potential landing sites .