Team Members

Alexander Davis, Coleton Miller, John Roberts, Christopher Supik, Ninoshka Sutcliffe, Joshua Watts, Georgia Williams


Shaker tables are key machines in the field of science that allow for the research of cell cultures to be conducted in a mostly autonomous fashion. This saves critical time for researchers as they look into other experiments and projects. However, these critical systems need an upgrade. Most shaker tables are restricted to only one pattern, or a loose security of well plates or tube racks. The Infinitable aims to combat these issues by maintaining a robust build that reliably uses cross pattern high-precision lead screws to actuate a multitude of shake patterns with customizable radii and speeds. The interface of the Infinitable maintains only two buttons and knobs each for efficient and swift control that maximizes ease of use for users new to our product. The Infinitable quietly actuates with minimal vibrations and uses screw clamps to allow for the integration of any size well plate or tube rack. Our product, provides the ultimate customizability, ease of use, and compact design for researchers previously constrained due to the limited designs available in the current market. Any pattern, any well plate, any tube rack, any amount of time. Cultivate your labs for infinite possibilities with the Infinitable.