Team Members

Jake Anderer, Daniel Colbert, Amanda Dischinger, Sami Ghazzi, Marcus Mlack, Samuel Paris, Nolan Testa


Shake Plates’ design is unique because it can be assembled quickly and easily integrated with other microbioreactor sub-assemblies. This group is passionate about creating an easily accessible design that requires minimal operation instruction and allows for rapid troubleshooting without prior technical experience. The design has two motors that can be powered separately or in tandem, allowing three different shaking methods (linear, orbital, double-orbital). Since the design is open, it is easy for the operator to observe how the motors create these three motions and develop an intuitive understanding of the module. It has ample open space below the main shaker plate, allowing for an OD-FI system to monitor the well plates and test tubes, while being small enough to easily fit within the provided microbioreactor shell. Our economic engine is driven by increasing profit per shaker table, with simple sub-assemblies that can be rapidly assembled with minimal tooling. This design has 68 fasteners, with 40 in the shaker table assembly and 28 in the external controls’ assembly. The unit cost is further decreased by incorporating majority OTS parts, with 39 of 52 unique parts being OTS available. By reducing non-OTS parts, assembly labor and manufacturing time are minimal, increasing profit per unit.