Team Members

Robert Brunner, Logan Laird, Natalie Lopez, Rudy Oliva, Armand Pascua, Ami Patel, Lhotse Thompson


The overarching hedgehog concept goal for our shaker design was “tiny but mighty”. We aimed to achieve this by utilizing our members’ expertise and interest in the functionality of 3D printers. The Shakinator introduces novel ideas inspired by the CoreXY concept. This design uses two stepper motors with neoprene timing belts and a rail-pulley system to provide precise motion in the X and Y directions of the table. The design is unique in the sense that any type of shaking pattern can be coded into the user interface if deemed necessary. Additionally, low friction ball bearings enable our design to operate with minimal maintenance. The shaker is also capable of operating at high speeds without generating excessive amounts of noise. The design also utilizes a multi-direction limit switch system with a stock calibration code that makes plate recentering easy and simple. The switch-based interface is intuitive with stock functions including linear, orbital, and double orbital patterns at rotation speeds up to 350 rpm and orbital diameter ranges up to 25mm. User-friendly holster clips hold both a tube rack and well plate firmly in place during shaking. The design is compact both vertically and horizontally allowing for easy insertion into any lab space. A sleek aluminum frame provides the shaker with firm stability and low-cost manufacturability. Mechanical coverings can also be easily removed, making service and cleaning manageable. In addition, the shaker is very light weight, enabling the user to easily transport it.