Group 8 – HELIO-TIDE

Team Members

Alexander Hong, Matthew Petrick, Hunter Enos, Zariq George, Tyler Gerney, Uchechukwu IIodibe, Marcos Tejada


Abstract : The Helio-Tide heliostat capitalizes on simplicity by minimizing OTS and manufactured parts, encouraging a compact and cost-efficient design that addresses the most important customer needs. The Helio-Tide features frame adaptability, enabling easy installation onto frames with square geometries, a safe rotation mechanism, preventing any unwanted rotation from damaging the heliostat, and a 5:1 gear ratio for enhanced tracking accuracy. All components on the Helio-Tide were designed with simple geometries in mind, which function in tandem with the low part count to promote quick assembly and disassembly while also reducing the overall weight of the heliostat. Since the Helio-Tide was also designed with the full-scale heliostat module in mind, most of the components can still be 3D- printed or bought off-the-shelf when the overall size of the heliostat needs to be increased to maintain strength. This makes future iterations of the heliostat quicker and easier to implement. Ride the wave and support the Helio-Tide!

Pitch Video


Final Video