Team Members

Alfredo Delgado, Briana Renda, Charles Datko, Jarett Cox, ,Malone Stanley, Rodolfo Rodriguez, Spencer Steinmetz


Abstract : The heliostat concept designed by Group 451M emphasizes simplicity, quality, and performance by minimizing the number of parts required for assembly, taking advantage of easy installation, and prioritizing the most important customer needs. The final design proves to be cost-efficient, safe, and adaptable, as the unit is able to track the position of the sun and reflect this light source to a target of choice both accurately and efficiently. A majority of the parts used for the design were 3D printed, making them not only cost-effective but also incredibly easy to repair and replace. All screws and fasteners used for the design also proved to be standardized, adding to the ease of the manufacturing process. Limit sensors were used for the precise manipulation of the design’s motors as they provided homing locations and allowed for accurate rotation of the unit. The design has proven to excel in several key milestones including the ability to operate in severe weather conditions through wind tunnel testing and the demonstration of precise motor control. Our design utilizes only four gears and allows the heliostat to move in any direction necessary. All motors are protected from the outside elements as they are encased within the heliostat. The goal of our team was to maintain the simplicity of our design while providing protection to the key components of the heliostat.

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Final Video