Group 1 – Absys

Team Members

Kaileah Blazek, Tanner Burt, Madison Carlton, Cristian Dionisi, Camille Gardner, Bryan Noll, Ryan Skelton, Zachary Yeager


The subject of this report is a biomedical culturing device that combines the intersection of dynamic, fluidic and mechanical design to create a customizable and autonomous culturing environment. The microbioreactor is a fully enclosed environment with a user-friendly interface to allow updates on the culture condition as well as fail safe measures in case of in-process errors which monitors the biological, mechanical, and environmental conditions throughout operation. The fluidic mixing and handling system allows for user-defined aliquots of chemical or biological composition, and robotic arm and dynamic track allow for programmable, three-dimensional movement throughout the system. These dynamic systems provide the user with the ability to move a specimen into a self-contained incubator. Custom-designed shaker mechanisms allow for linear, orbital and double orbital shaking patterns. The incubators and enclosed culturing environment utilize closed-loop controls to control gas content, temperature and light conditions. The driving idea of Group 1 is to maximize the capacity and throughput of well plates and tubes able to be autonomously processed by the autonomous microbioreactor.

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