Group 2 – Microbioreactor-Inator

Team Members

Carlos Bello, Edunn Dalal, Brandon Godefroy, Natalia Gonzalez, Gabriel Guttierez, Juan Mejia, Jessica Rozen


The autonomous bioreactor we have designed has several stages. The first stage requires human interaction. A person will place cells, stressors, and cleaning fluid into the beakers, and a well tray into the machine. The machine will fill the tray with cells and varying amounts of stressor. Once that is complete, a person will close the well tray chamber. In the experimental stage, the well tray is consistently shaken in linear, orbital and double orbital patterns and enclosed in a chamber which can be set at a temperature between 4°– 70° Celsius. For the third stage, a person opens the lid to the well tray chamber and an ODFI sensor observes the effect of the stressor on the cells. The living cells in each well are identified and moved to the cell proliferation stage. This consists of Turbidostats, small enclosures where the surviving cells have the necessary environment to grow. Once new cells have grown, they will be distributed back into the well plate for another round of experimentation with a higher concentration of stressor.

Pitch Video


Final Video