Group 4 – Microbioreactor with Optical Density Integrated with Fluorescent Intensity and Experimental Data Collection (M.O.D.I.F.I.E.D.)

Team Members

Francisco Di Capua, Daniel Hasbun, Francesca Lopez, Ashley Maple, Daniela Myers, Dara Parada, Roxanna Storms


There is a void of autonomous bioreactors in the market, thus this design will serve as a multi–functional bioreactor with the ability to culture microbes in interchangeable compartments. This design allows for the utmost customizability for multiple reasons. Since it will be controlled via computer connections rather than an interactive user interface display on the build, coding and programs are easy to adjust and open source. The 80–20 frame allows for quick adjustments and facilitates new features being added. Custom temperatures and shaking controls allow for unique culture conditions and the system can contain a variety of well plate sizes. Using a pipette styled dispensing mechanism, the bacteria fluids can be retracted and dispensed to and from the well plates and test tubes. The versatile claw can move well plates from an enclosed environment where cells can be cultured to a separate subsystem designed to measure optical and fluorescent intensity. The claw ensures that the device is automated for all procedures without the need for assistance from the user. The product was designed based on the requirements and needs set forth by the customer, UF Biofoundry.

Pitch Video


Final Video