Group 5 – Grobotic Bio–Incubator

Team Members

Crosman Cruz, Leonardo Fernandes, Joseph Fiol, Marty Silverberg, Thomas Stephens, Nathan Tiu, Allen Zhou


The goal of the Grobotic Bio–Incubator is to meet all the customer needs whilst trying to keep cost as low as possible. The system is divided into five different subsystems. The Chassis subsystem is designed to hold all the other subsystems. The Data Acquisition and User Interface subsystem is designed to connect to the sensors in the other subsystems so the user can set system parameters, read and interpret data, and receive system warnings about culture failures. This subsystem primarily consists of a tablet that is connected to a Data Acquisition Device (DAQ) which connects to the other subsystems. The Bioreactor subsystem consists of two different types of bioreactors, a conical tube bioreactor that can seal four different conical tubes at once in separate environments, and a well plate bioreactor that can seal four different well plates at once in separate environments. Each of these environments are temperature controlled vis Peltier Plates can be sealed from the outside world but have a lid that can be removed for the addition of liquids and has a valve that can be used to add and remove gases. The Liquid Handling subsystem is designed for fully automated liquid dispensing via a rack and pinion syringe connected to a motor. This subsystem can also make OD readings as well as remove the lid of the bioreactor itself. The Liquid Transfer subsystem is designed to move and align the Liquid Handling subsystem via a series of motors connect to wheels on a track.

Pitch Video


Final Video