Team Members

Daniel Algaze, Cassie Dennison, Enrique Hernaiz, Garrett McKee, Vanessa Padgett, Iker Palacio, Andres Taquechel


PETRI (Precision Environmental Regulating Thermal Incubator) Complete Microbioreactor is an autonomous microbioreactor specifically designed with the intent of creating the most versatile and user-friendly device through the combination of it its unique automated culture processes capabilities, intuitive user interface, and featured modular tool head system. By autonomously performing all complex culturing functions via closed loop control, the need for experienced human intervention is obsolete, making cell culture processes accessible to a variety of users and skillsets. All the while, users can be kept up to date on current cell culturing processes and monitorization levels through the device’s inviting front panel interactive touchscreen and LED status indicators. Within the machine, actuation and measurement devices are used interchangeably to perform various cell culturing processes, realized in the form of separate compact tools with a standardized footprint allowing for system compatibility and exchange. Depending on the desired culturing process, appropriate tools can be selected and mounted by the user on the device’s designated tool rack during initialization. Currently available are a fluid handling actuation tool capable of performing fluid addition and subtraction along with an OD/FI measurement tool to monitor cell conditions. With these default tools, any novice can perform the related culture processes. For more experienced users or researchers however, extra tool heads can be designed for system integration to further device functionality. By the virtually endless capabilities enabled by its modular tool head system, PETRI is equipped with unparalleled versatility to adapt with the ever-advancing field and practices discovered within.

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