Team Members

Benjamin Leach, Joshua Khokhlan, Noah Roberson, Harrison Klein, Colin Pastor, William Hartzell, Jacob Harrison


Increasing the capabilities of laboratories that use recombinant DNA is the main priority for the redesign of the existing microbioreactors. Improving upon existing designs, the BioBox autonomous microbioreactor is capable of controlling two separated environmental chambers, liquid handling, and measuring solution properties such as optical density and fluorescent intensity. By improving upon existing microbioreactor technology, this system aims to bolster the speed and research capacity of such laboratories. The BioBox’s driving concept is to provide the most user–friendly handling capabilities, minimizing costs associated with system errors and skewed experimental data. To achieve this, the microbioreactor’s general design incorporates a user–friendly interface, allowing for simple programming and minimal effort required to load and unload samples into the device. Also, the system incorporates a unique “one way valve” liquid transfer system between the two environmental chambers allowing for seamless transfer of cell cultures between chambers without inducing environmental contamination. Overall, this system aims to provide laboratories with accurate results for cell culturing experiments conducted using the newly redesigned microbioreactor.

Pitch Video


Final Video