Team Members

Alice Hafner, John Bryan, MaKenna Lehmann, Mallary Spofford, Nina Jones, Silvia Pardo


With attention to detail and accuracy as our goals, our team created the Bellow Zero 3D BioPrinter. The system implements four Position-Control DC Motors, each with a sensor and encoder to accurately move in increments of 0.007 degrees with 10,000 steps per rotation. The motors combine with rack and pinion gear systems to control the volume of four syringes. Three syringes are used to pressurize bellows, and one syringe is used to dispense/collect the desired print material. The print extents are not limited by the syringe, as more print material can be collected with the print head from vial storage at any time. The movement of the print head is controlled by either increasing or decreasing the volume within each of the bellows. Each bellow operates in one cartesian axis of motion and builds off one another, so the print head can travel through the entire volume of a well with ease. This design keeps the motors, gears, controller, and power supply mounted to the wall, away from the microscope and off the lab table, allowing the system to occupy virtually notable space. This also minimizes vibration of the microscope, print head, and well plate, ensuring accurate printing and imaging.

Pitch Video


Final Video