Team Members

Hunter Hintenlang, Sam Kibble, Changxiao Liang, Nan Lin, Demany McKinnon, Min Park


The Novobio is a novel 3D bioprinter that offers capability never seen before in similar devices. Not only is the printer compatible with the Nikon Eclipse Ti confocal microscope, but it features an array of unique features. The Novobio goes above and beyond basic requirements to offer a superior product. Built around a hedgehog concept of maximum compatibility with a wide range of cell types, it facilitates a wider range of research than other designs. It also would have to be changed minimally to fit other microscopes if needed, and modified designs could be manufactured quickly in house, making it adaptable as equipment evolves. Additionally, it features a custom print tip that has several built in features. The specially designed resin printed tip is fully removable, allowing easy sterilization, and is designed to fail when print speeds exceed safe cell viability speeds, informing the user of a failed cell print automatically and immediately. The optical transparency of resin allows the user to spot and eliminate bubbles in the bio ink before they become problematic. Also, the printer features simple snap in place parts where possible, minimizing fasteners and allowing for quick assembly and disassembly. Compact aluminum and polymer construction makes the printer incredibly lightweight at under 100 g, but also rigid and strong, with little to no risk of bio-reactive wear debris. The Novobio is designed to last many years, making it a worthwhile investment to revolutionize the bioprinting capabilities of your laboratory.

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