Team Members

Hasina Dorcely, Jack Elder, Lorenzo Giordano, Daniella Gutierrez, Caroline Knee, Stuart Norman, Jordan Reineke


The use of Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) to aid in the rehabilitation of individuals with neuromuscular disorders is an increasingly common practice. Unfortunately, the use of FES is limited by the current patient rehabilitation machines available on the market that allow an individual to simulate common exercises. The WOMBAT is an all in one product designed for hospital or home use that turns an elliptical or treadmill into a state-of-the-art walking/running rehabilitation machine. The cart-based lifting, balance and weight control system attaches to a reinforced ceiling above the elliptical/treadmill. The product utilizes Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) feedback control to maintain a calibrated and continuously adjustable pneumatic weight offset control during exercise. The tethered harness weight offset control in combination with its mechanical linkage balancing system safely prevents individuals from falling outside the bounds of proper gait to prevent injury. The product contains an intuitive user interface for the individual, as well as the trainer to allow for independent user control and trainer assistive control. The user/trainer assistive control allows for full motorized control of the system, eliminating the need for trainer physical exertion at any point in the use of the system. The WOMBAT system provides an affordable, reliable and innovative alternative to the common pulley and harness systems used today.

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