Team Members

Jose Atencio, Ricardo Gonzales, Mary Hahn, Thomas Murphy, Hunter Sharpe, Brad Stanek, Mason Stricklan


The solution presented to the design problem utilizes a fully computer-controlled pneumatic weight management system. A pneumatic linear actuator in a closed-loop feedback system driven by a force sensor maintains a constant force offset on the patient. With the actuator running at 150 psi, more than 700 lbs of lift can be applied while being able to cycle approximately 6 inches every second. An electric winch is used to lift the patient from his or her wheelchair while also acting as a safety feature should the patient fall. The force generated by the linear actuator is imparted to the patient using an overhead nylon lift strap attached to a carbon fiber sling bar with two attachment points whereby the harness for the patient is secured. The nylon harness is adaptable to patients with a waist range between 81.0 and 122.0 cm, and provides support about the torso, underarms, and shoulders of the patient for increased stability and comfort. All of these systems are neatly contained in a mobile frame system light enough to be moved by a single physical trainer. The system presented, therefore, is a significant contribution in the improvement of functional electrical stimulation (FES) patient rehabilitation.

Pitch Video