Team Members

Andrew Morley, Dylan Bucci, Matthew Richter, Matias Araujo, Tyler Reid, Mitchell Campbell, Matt Tortorella


The Portable Continuous Offset Weight System (PCOWS) is designed to provide a continuous weight offset for users with neuromuscular conditions seeking rehabilitative exercise on elliptical trainers augmented with Functional Electrical Stimulation. The PCOWS approaches the customer needs from a unique, yet simplistic approach. This is a wholly inclusive unit that mounts to the ceiling aside from the user operated control panel, which would mount on the wall adjacent to the elliptical trainer. The unit includes a motor that lifts the user from a seated position using a fabric harness. Once the patient is suspended, the elliptical trainer is wheeled under the patient. The patient is lowered onto the trainer, the weight offset is entered, and the workout begins. The same motor receives the force reading from the force sensor and lowers or lifts the patient according to the desired offset. This system is unique among its competitors for multiple reasons. The first is its compatibility. This unit is not dependent on the type of elliptical trainer the user has available. The second is the compactness of the unit. The system is wholly included in a plate attached to the ceiling. This means there is not a requirement for any floor space while not in use. The combination of the compactness and the compatibility allows for it to be portable as long as the desired location has beams that can support the weight of the patient.

Pitch Video