Team Members

Kenneth Doerseln, Jared Lee, Ravi Patel, Alex Pothen, Madeline Stanley, Samuel Toby, Daniel Wong


The Assistive Lift Elliptical eXerciser (ALEX) is a simple, user-friendly Body Weight Support (BWS) system designed for elliptical training applications and has been engineered with the patient and assistant in mind. The system prioritizes patient comfort by facilitating natural gait cycle movement, while dynamically supporting the user’s body weight. The lifting and translation systems in this design require no additional effort from the patient during setup. The ALEX features a frame design that incorporates all the systems in one central location ensuring that all essential features are self-contained. The frame has also been designed to allow the assistant easy access to the patient to aid both in setup and monitoring. A key feature of the ALEX is the incorporation of retractable wheels, allowing the transition between a fixed and mobile system while only requiring one assistant. The static support system utilizes a winch for most of the lifting and lowering of the patient. It is independent of the dynamic support system that features a spring-plate mechanism to offload small variations in weight. The control system is not constrained by its placement since they are used by the assistant as a handheld device. The ALEX is adaptable and can be used beyond elliptical training. For example, this design allows for the accommodation of walking or floor exercises.

Pitch Video