Team Members

Dayana Bosch, Chris Henderson, Spencer Huddleston, Rayane Jallouli, Nate Johnson, Megan Meraz, Alexa Scrudders


The Gaitkeeper is a bodyweight support system that employs a motorized winch and I-beam trolley along a ceiling-mounted I-beam track to lift a patient for rehabilitation and allow them to use an elliptical stepping machine. The design utilizes a Raspberry Pi for its computing power, allowing an Android tablet to communicate directly via Bluetooth to permit the user to set various parameters and weight offsets for the rehabilitation session. The unique use of the tablet in combination with Bluetooth allows very easy maneuverability for the user with no trip hazards, increasing the possibilities for the trainer to work fluidly with the patient. The localization of electronics and control systems on the I-beam trolley further promote a reduced footprint of the machine and more manageable interfacing of all working components. The implementation of an overhead cable and frame limit any chance of the patient colliding with the support system and let the trainer be up close and personal with the rehabilitation patient.

Pitch Video