Team Members

Alex Aebli, Quinn Fishel, John Fulginiti, Tiago Lopes, Elizabeth Valdez, Alex Walden, Cameron Zamot


Our team has been tasked with building an integrated microbioreactor with various subsystems in order to individually monitor independent test specimens in a biological lab environment, namely the UF BioFoundry. The primary design function will be to dispense liquid and gas in both well plates and test tubes, simultaneously monitor various statistics within those specimen environments, and ensure proper mixing and maintenance of each environment. The subsystems included in this reactor are: gas controller frame/body, dispensing motor and track, liquid handling, incubated flask and dish storage, liquid storage, shutoff sensors/alert system/monitor/interface, and heating/cooling system. Our hedgehog concept is that our system is easier to assemble than the competition due to its low number of parts, thereby making it the most accessible option to the intended customer. The team has used a rigorous down-selection process to produce a ready-for-prototype concept capable of exceeding UF BioFoundry customer needs and revolutionizing the microbioreactor industry.

Pitch Video


Final Video