Team Members

Joseph Curtin, Brandon Daugherty, Eric McKinnon, Melissa Mecca, Matthew Sciota, James D. Stevens, Mason Whisnant


Our design will provide a unique, all in one functionality that will set it apart from any microbioreactors currently on the market. The environment the cultures are exposed to can be changed quickly and easily using a user interface with touch screen and voice control capabilities. The temperature can be increased with an electric heater and cooled with a liquid heat exchanger. The experimental vessel will be surrounded with a frame that will remain cool enough for the user to touch even when the culture is exposed to hot conditions while providing housing for various fluid and gas tanks. Tanks of the five concentration controllable gases can be easily added to the device and replaced when empty, and effluent gases are expelled to a waste container that can be easily disposed of manually. Unlike most shakers on the market, our device uses a combination of motors and custom designed parts to allow for shaking in the usual linear and orbital patterns as well as the unique double orbital pattern. Our design utilizes a unique arrangement of mirrors and a rail system to allow OD measurements to be obtained for the culture in any tube or well plate with the use of only one laser. In terms of safety, the device will automatically shut off in the case of dangerous forces or pressures. Additionally, our design has the built–in functionality of a BSL2 safety cabinet. This ensures user safety in without needing to place the device in a biological safety cabinet.

Pitch Video


Final Video