Team Members

Dylan Atterbury, Alexa Dimovski, Peter DiNapoli, Bertholt Flock, Ryan Gleason, Andrew Miller, Joseph Prueger


Current microbioreactor systems are not sufficient inworking with large volumes and lack automation. The main goal of the new microbioreactor is to increase design flexibility, further the creation of open–sourced microbiological data, and reduce costs. This will be accomplished through the design’s autonomous culture monitoring and liquid handling systems. The new design features increased temperature control ranges, accommodation of existing culture vessels, detection of optical density within cultures, fluid addition and subtraction to culture vessels, gaseous injection and disposal, multiple shaking patterns, and an intuitive user interface. A unique feature of this design includes the use of a gantry style liquid handling system capable of autonomous multi–axis movement to interact with all cultures within the modular unit. Another unique feature is the double motor shaking system that can achieve linear, orbital, and double orbital shaking patterns for culture vessels.

Pitch Video


Final Video