Team Members

Bryce Behm, Chris Boor, Daniel DeCario, Alfredo Delgado, Ethan Haddorff, Jacob McKishnie, Kiran Mital, Spencer Steinmetz


llumigator is a low–cost heliostat designed for efficient solar tracking in concentrated solar power plants. Our Hedgehog Concept focuses on ease of manufacturing and assembly, reducing the labor costs and making repairs and maintenance a simple process. We strive to be sustainable in our design, taking advantage of off–the–shelf parts and using sustainable building materials without sacrificing longevity. The heliostat can be disassembled and reassembled easily to make repairs in a timely manner. What makes Illumigator’s design unique is its wooden design, which was chosen due to its mechanical properties under long term usage and status as a renewable material consisting of a low carbon footprint. Moreover, our design is distinctly reproducible; its ability to track any solar angle, our materials selection, and the lack of a need for advanced manufacturing methods makes this design implementable in a wide variety of locations. Additionally, the lack of advanced manufacturing techniques or required machinery allows for manufacturing of most components via simple woodcutting and hand–drilling, opening the design to be built by non–industry sources. Dual–axis tracking is achieved via a pulley system that directs the module position and a feedback control system that updates the motor position, resulting in an overall uncomplicated mechanical design. The heliostat’s anchoring system allows for quick and simple installation in the field, eliminating the need for any costly operations such as concrete filling. Illumigator employs mechanically clamped mirrors which supply the necessary power and concentration ratio while avoiding shading and still being low–cost.

Pitch Video