Team Members

Anderson Brunsvold, Justin Forgas, Andrew Jaehne, Katelyn Neukam, Nicolas Porras, Cailey Porter, James Riggins, Samuel Stahl


Azim6 Heliostat Module introduces revolutionary design concepts that will change the future of the concentrated solar energy market. The heliostat design is innovative through ease of manufacturing, optimal structural modularity, and the ability to withstand harsh outdoor conditions with ease of maintenance. The principle that sets this heliostat module apart from other comparable products is our ability to maximize efficiency by minimizing resources used. The basis of the small, innovative design involves four mirrors mounted to a bar with motors individually controlling the tilt of each surface and a revolving base attached to the ground allowing for a substantial range of motion. This allows the module to effectively track the sun throughout the day while reducing the number of motors and subsequently the cost. Cost also is significantly reduced through 3D printing technologies that allow most of the system to be made from ABS plastic opposed to costly metal supports. The design is practical for hassle–free maintenance with the ability to detach each mirror and motor assembly from the module individually. Baffles and plastic covers are used to protect the system from the wear and tear of sand and other outdoor elements, allowing for a 20–year minimum lifetime. This design is cost effective, has a long lifetime, and meets the performance specifications laid out by the customer in an efficient and innovative way.

Pitch Video