Group 6 – G8-R

Team Members

Sean Baker, Michael Atkins, Andrew Medina, John Serra, Pablo Farall, Joshua Beyke, John Dews-Flick


The G8-R Austere Field Light Attack Aircraft is meant to be an affordable option to provide close air support to ground forces given short notice. The G8-R is a turboprop aircraft seeking to break into the niche light attack market currently dominated by competitors such as the EMB 314/A-29 Super Tucano and the AT-6 Wolverine. Turboprop aircraft have a large efficiency advantage over traditional jet engines for the types of missions previously taken by helicopters where absolute speed is not a necessity. G8-R is designed to ensure takeoff and landing on short and rough runways. The scope of mission design includes both shorter flights and a longer ferry mission.

Pitch Video


Final Video