Group 7 – BC-1 ROCK PYTHON

Team Members

Vivek Tolani, Alexandra Gaskins, Kyle Worley, Yonatan Zigdon, Alexander Black, Henry Dorking, Bradley Loss


The BC-1 Rock Python is an austere light attack aircraft that was designed to takeoff from short, austere fields and support front lines with close air support combat with a variety of weapons that it was designed to carry. There are 3 arrangement of weapons that the aircraft will carry, and the type of arrangement that would be chosen depends on the type of mission that is being carried out. These include the bomb package, mixed bombs package, and rocket package. Two M2 Browning Machine guns are mounted in front of the cabin for better accuracy. Twin turboprop engines were selected so that the aircraft could operate at subsonic speeds in areas that are usually only accessible by attack helicopters. Wingtip fuel tanks were included since they provide many benefits such as reducing unwanted vortices that are created on wingtips, and they reduce the tendency for the wing to flutter during landing which causes fatigue.

Pitch Video


Final Video