Group 1 – Fourth Axis

Team Members

Nicholas Schrott, Eduardo Manso, Matheus Santos, Nicholas Butcher, Theodore Andrzejczyk, Xinyu Wang, Denis Martinez, Rashad Stubbs 


Coming up as an innovative and pioneering force in the 3D Printing industry, “The Fourth Axis” is passionate about finding a new and efficient method to make the Prusa Mini+ foldable and autonomous so it can be capable of mass-producing parts as well as being transportable. That’s just the beginning. This is done by implementing autonomous delamination and ejection of the printed parts, as well as developing a folding mechanism that intelligently collapses the printer structure into an ergonomic shape for easy transport. This company can be the best in the world at mass producing parts with little to no human intervention, creating the ideal product for pop-up mass manufacturing operations. Our concept and design embody the overall essence of efficiency and simplicity at its finest. Committed to our passion, Fourth Axis plans to continue to push the boundaries of innovation and is excited to continue to propel the world of 3D printing into new territories where the way we design, create and build are all revolutionized. 

Pitch Video

3D Interactive Product Model

The following is an interactive 3D model of the product design. You can view and rotate the product assembly in different orientations and views, including an exploded view to see the various parts that make up the assembly.